About Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA)

Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA) was established in1986 under the mission of developing and expanding Japan’s electronic publishing for the benefit of all participants in the society. Initially JEPA was an unincorporated voluntary association, but became a general incorporated association (non-profit) in 2010. JEPA’s activities are being carried out by participation of members (companies and organizations) who are coming from a wide range of fields, including publishing, printing, electronic manufacturing, and computer software development.

JEPA’s operations are run through the board of directors meeting and there are special committees for various purposes. For the development of electronic publishing as a whole, JEPA’s activities are diversified into various areas; implementing researches for familiarizing e-publishing/e-books, organizing seminars, contributing to the standardization of e-publishing-related technical specification, making recommendations to concerned industries, exchanging information among JEPA members as well as establishing measures for business development between members.

Currently, there are several committees for different purposes such as Platform Committee, Business Research Committee, Reference Committee, Digital Library Committee, Copyright Committee and others. On an average, these committees hold a total of about 80 meetings and more than 30 seminars every year. In addition, along with changes in needs of the society, JEPA has expanded its activities through establishing subcommittees for various issues such as multimedia publishing, EPUB, and TTS (Text-To-Speech). If they so wish, JEPA members can join and participate in one or more of the above committees of their choice based on their business-related interest or concerns.

One of major characteristics of JEPA is that the organization does not represent, nor does work for the interest of any particular industry. JEPA willingly works together, based on the common and shared interests, with concerned bodies or offices of the central or local governments as well as private organizations, whether domestic or overseas, who are working for the promotion of electronic publishing.

JEPA has expanded its activities and will continue to do so through forward-looking ideas and driving powers of our closely-knit JEPA members.
JEPA would welcome your joining us (*), if you are interested in the development of electronic publishing.
(*) JEPA’s membership is only for a legal entity (companies and organizations), not for an individual person.

Mami Matsuda
Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA)

Advantages of gaining JEPA membership
1)  Unlimited number of free participation in most events organized and held by JEPA
* Please note that there are some events, such as Copyright Seminars, in which the number of free participation will be specified.
2)  JEPA offers several opportunities for members to exchange opinions and information among them through various meetings and get-togethers.
3)  JEPA members are able to join a special purpose group of their choice and make the best of its meetings.

Number of JEPA members
A total of 110 corporations and entities as of February 1, 2021

Membership fee
1st year: JPY60,000 (prorated from the month the membership begins)
From 2nd year and beyond:  JPY120,000